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    Welcome to ABSL online eLearning platform.

    How to sign up for an online course?

    Step 1

    To create a new account Click Here

    Step 2

    You will receive an email requiring you to confirm your new ABSL account.

    Step 3

    To sign up for an online course, click on "Enrol now" under "My Courses". Click on the appropriate WhatsApp link with respect to the Course you are enrolling for. The link will direct you to where you will be given the account details for payment.

    Step 4

    Please make the necessary payment to ABSL’s bank account. The payment reference should state your email address you used to sign up and your account name used in payment

    Step 5

    You will receive a message confirming that you have been enrolled for the course

    Step 6

    Log in and start your online ABSL course

    Thank you

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