6 Weeks Smart Skill Programme and get a starter kit

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January 13, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
ABSL Fashion Institute
Idowu Ajao Street, Ajao Estate, Anthony, Maryland

Start Date: 13th January 2020 End Date: 14th February 2020

This is a 6-week programme designed for those who need the Basics i.e. understanding the Principles behind techniques used in designing and garment construction. Participants will be learning the 5 Basic Slopers in PATTERNMAKING + TROUSER & JUMPSUIT.


Understanding the Basic Blocks/Slopers (researchers grouped them into Front Bodice, Back Bodice, Front Skirt, Back Skirt, and Sleeve) as the most important aspect of Garment Making.


When an individual understands these Basics, which we call the Foundation, then individual can build on it. There are thousands of online resources that can also help.


Module Mentor: Mrs Doyin Sonubi
Aim of the Module: To enable individual create apparel or custom patterns with respective final finishing, according to the clothing requirements.

Duration: 6 weeks 

  1. Patternmaking
  2. Garment Construction