5-Month Men’s Wear Course

Certificate in Fashion Design

5 Months Men’s Wear Course

Duration: 3 Months +2 months Internship
Module Mentor: Mrs Doyin Sonubi and Mr Victor Oussou
Aim of the Module: To enable individual create apparel or custom patterns with respective with respective final finishing according to the clothing requirements and to take students from sewing experience to becoming an industrial machinist. The students are taught machine handling skills, production sewing and full garment construction techniques to industry standard.


1). Patternmaking
2). Garment Construction with professional finishing
3). Native

Topics to be covered

Pattern Making

  1. Introduction to Pattern Making
    1. Using the Blocks
    2. Sizing
  2. Flat Blocks (Woven and Jersey)
    1. Flat Trouser Blocks (One-Piece and Two-Piece Blocks)
    2. Flat Shirt Blocks (Woven Fabric)
    3. Tee Shirt and Knit Wear Blocks (Jersey Fabrics)
    4. The Flat Kimono Block (Woven and Jersey Fabrics)
    5. The Raglan Block
  3. Pockets
  4. Fly
  5. Cuffs
  6. Natives
    1. Senator
    2. Classic Buba and Sokoto
    3. Other Variations

Garment Construction

Topics to be covered

  1. How to sew a complete Shirt
    1. Fixing Collars
    2. Fixing Cuffs
    3. Fixing Plackets
    4. Fixing Pockets (Patch)
  2. How to Sew a Complete Trouser
    1. Fixing of Zippers
    2. Fixing of Band
    3. Fixing of Pockets (Slant, Hip)

Fee: #450K + Textbook + Basic Tools