Fashion Illustration

Certificate in Fashion Design

Module Name: Fashion Illustration

Module Mentor: Mr Avraham Animashaun
Aim of the Module:   This practical course is designed to take students from basic skills and knowledge to becoming a Fashion Illustrator in the apparel Industry

Topics to be covered

Week 1

Introduction to the art of Fashion Illustration (Understanding why fashion should be treated as art)

  • Shapes, lines and geometric shapes
  • Human Anatomy
  • Building rhythm with your paper and pencil
  • Angular figures (take 1)

Week 2

  • Angular figures (take 2)
  • Fleshing out the Croquis
  • Fleshing out the Croquis (front, profile and back view)

Week 3

  • Analysis of body movement (spinal and limb movements)
  • Facials (Basic facial details)
  • Basics face shapes and dimensions
  • Basic eye shapes, nose, lips, hair…

Week 4

  • Introduction to fashion technical drawing
  • Flats: drawing and tracing different fashion silhouettes

Week 5

Art forms and Illustration

  • Accessories: how to draw bags, shoes, necklaces, sunglasses and indigenous headgears

Week 6

  • Review of flats
  • Elements of design

Week 7

  • Clothing the Croquis
  • Elements of design in fashion

Week 8

  • Short treatise on the color theory
  • Croquis book practice

Week 9

  • Putting together a proper fashion collection
  • Croquis book practice

Week 10

  • Review and project assessment
  • Project
  • Submission of long term assignments

Note: Class and take-home assignments would be based on the substantive lesson for the week and there’d be long term assignments administered to students before, between and after the course.